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From Kendall Jenner to Jenna Dewan Tatum and Lily Collins, the blunt cut is blooming among the stars. And for good reason–when Jen Atkin says jaw-length is lit, you listen. But making the switch to shorter hair is almost too intimidating to deal. So to help you decide if the transition fits your features and lifestyle, we consulted the boss of blunt bobs, Jen herself. Keep reading as Jen answers all your questions to figure out whether or not you can pull off the current coolest cut then pull the truncate trigger. 

What face shapes does a blunt cut look most flattering on?

A blunt cut looks flattering on heart, oval and square-shaped faces, because it helps balance the jawline, as long as it’s a little below the chin. But I think a blunt cut looks good on just about any face type. Your stylist should customize the cut according to you and your lifestyle. 

What hair types work best with a blunt cut?

Anyone with straight, wavy or even curly hair can rock a blunt bob! For more body, I’d suggest parting on the side. Girls with super tight, curly hair should get a cut that incorporates layers, since this will be more flattering, otherwise you'll risk the hair growing outwards on the ends with no shape. 

Who’s a good candidate to add bangs to their blunt cut? 

Bangs can look good on just about anyone, it just depends on the type of bang. For example, someone with a square face should get side bangs since they have angular features. Just make sure you’re committed to bangs, because they’re kind of a full-time job, but in my opinion, are so worth it!! 

What’s the chicest way to wear the blunt cut for fall?

I’m really loving the 90’s vibe that’s currently in at the moment. So a blunt bob, parted down the middle with an inward bend at the ends is chic. I’d use the OUAI Medium Hair Spray before using a curling iron for this one. Also a sleek, middle or side-parted blunt bob is timeless. Use the OUAI Smooth Spray to make sure the hair is super smooth. The cut is more versatile than you'd think. You can twist up the back and rock a French twist, half up/half down with a bun. My current fave is rocking a headband—it’s quick and super chic.


How much routine maintenance does the blunt cut require for coarse hair?

If you have really coarse hair and like to wear it straight with the blunt cut, then I’d recommend masks for your hair to ensure moisture is locked in and you get a smooth finish when straightening. 

How often should you get a trim to keep the cut looking fresh?

It all depends on how fast your hair grows. Typically with shorter lengths, you can get the ends cleaned up every 6-8 weeks if you want to keep it super fresh.

Who are your blunt cut beauty icons?

I’ve been sourcing so much inspo from women in the 90’s! But so many of my girls have been going for it! Jenna Dewan and Camila Coelho have recently gotten blunt bobs and I’m so obsessed. 

What’s your favorite way to style your own blunt cut?

I prep my damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray and dry my hair about 70-80% then create waves using my hands, by creating bends and blow drying (if I have time). Then I apply OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam to the shaft of the hair for added texture. Otherwise, I’ll apply Wave Spray and let it air dry.

Do you have any tips or apps for seeing if a cut will look good on you before going through with it?

Mane Addicts has so many great inspo photos. I’d suggest screen-grabbing one from there, then use the face swap feature on Snapchat to see if a cut you like will look good on you.  

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Medium Hair Spray

Smooth Spray

Wave Spray

Dry Shampoo Foam