Fact; nobody enjoys powering up their iron or blow dryer when it’s ninety degrees outside. It’s counter-intuitive. The summer offers enough heat and drying, there’s just no reason to add more by straightening, curling or blow drying. Also less heat-styling leaves you with a lot more time in the morning, which is amazing no matter what season it is. To skip your hot tools and still look good, you’ll want to take advantage of your air dry and work with the natural texture of your hair. We like to call it ‘riding the wave’. Here’s how;

Detangle in the Shower

If you’re in the habit of brushing your hair after it’s towel dried, you’re doing it wrong. Chances are, you’re brushing out your natural wave, creating frizz and breaking your hair in the process. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair while your conditioner is working.  A wide tooth comb separates your hair and enhances your natural waves without creating unhealthy looking breakage.

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Ditch Your Towel

Instead of stepping out of your shower and into a towel wrap, lightly scrunch the water out of your hair with either a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt. Both are gentle and won’t cause frizz and you’ll avoid the pulling and stretching that happens to your hair when it’s wrapped in a towel-turban.

Memory & Moisture are $$

When working with your hair’s natural texture, especially in hot weather, the two most important things you need from your products are moisture and memory. When your hair lacks moisture, it’ll be extra frizzy and lack definition. As for memory, your hair needs as much as it can get. You want whatever shape you have to stay as long as possible. Obviously hairspray is the most popular way to lock in a look but memory –like in our Wave Spray – looks more natural and enhances your texture as well as holding it.

Lean on your products

There’s no one product that’s right for everyone when it comes to the perfect air dry. If you have super curly hair, Curl Jelly will create serious curl definition and combat frizz all day long. If you have flat or thin hair, Soft Mousse will create volume and body without interfering with your natural texture. Wave Spray is great for beachy texture, while Dry Shampoo adds grit and is a volume life-saver. Play around with products and find the right combination for you hair type, you’ll need it! Pro-tip - scraggly, unfinished ends are a dead giveaway that you didn’t blow dry you hair. Combat this with a bit of Finishing Creme and keep a brush nearby during the day to soften tangles.

Try The Clip Trick

There are a million and one ways to play up your texture by styling it when it’s wet. Braids, for example, are a biggy for waves, as is our Waves While You Sleep hack. Our favorite air dry hack however, is the clip trick for effortless, full bodied texture. Watch it, here.