There’s no better feeling than steppin’ out the salon with freshly colored hair. There’s also no worse feeling than shelling out your hard earned cash only to be faced with not-so-fresh, faded color a few weeks later. Luckily, premature color fading is easy to prevent if you know what you to do. Take some time to make these easy changes to your routine and your color will look brighter and last longer, pinky swear.

OUAI Keep Color From Fading

Bring Moisture Back

Your first goal after any color treatment should be to restore moisture to your hair. Even if your colorist treated your hair after the coloring process, in order to prevent your haircolor from fading you’re going to need hydrated hair at all times. If your hair gets dry, the dye in it will fade. To achieve optimal hydration, invest in a daily care routine that increases moisture retention then supplement it with weekly masque treatments.

Loosen Up

Anything that damages the structure of your hair can cause color fading, so if you always pull your hair up into tight ponytails when you workout, switch to looser styles that won’t pull at the hair. Also, stop ripping your brush through tangles (especially when it’s wet). Rough brushing will damage the cuticle where your color lives. Instead, try weekly treatments like our Treatment Masque to seal the cuticle, strengthen, reinforce and detangle. Jen-tip: Distribute the Masque through your hair before the gym to help repair color damage and smooth the cuticle for fresher looking color.

Be Careful With Chemistry

Put away your sulfate-heavy clarifying shampoos, anti-dandruff medicated washes, and avoid the pool – all of which can react badly with color and cause it to fade. Also, protect your hair from the sun as best you can by opting for styling products with UV protectants, like the OUAI Hair Oil.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Your color will always look better when your hair is shiny and healthy. So, even if you can’t fix your hair health, help yourself by increasing the reflective power of your colored strands. Layoff damage-causing heat tools (dry hair looks dull) and add shine with a pump of our Hair Oil or a dollop of our moisturizing Finishing Creme.