Everyone knows gray hairs are a sign of aging, but did you know so is dry hair? It’s kind of inevitable because, like skin, your hair’s texture changes as you age. Also, just think of all the years of heat damage you’ve inflicted on it over the years! The good thing is, dry hair is such a common hair problem (even if it’s unrelated to age) so there’s been a lot of research done about it and there’s a lot you can do to treat and prevent it. Here’s our top four tips for reviving dry, aging hair.

OUAI Haircare Treatment Masque

From The Inside

The best way to fight dry hair is to nourish it from the inside, out. Load up on foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and up your intake of vitamins A and C ( think dark green veggies, colorful fruits, and sweet potatoes). Adding vitamin-enriched foods to your diet helps because when we age, we don’t absorb nutrients the same way. If your diet is A+ and dry hair is still a problem, you might consider adding a supplement to routine. Our Dry Supplement is a combination of vitamin E, iron, and silica and it feeds your follicles with hydrating nutrients and replenishes moisture to give you shinier, stronger hair that can stand up to a brush without breaking. It also contains Biotin and Vitamin E to grow, moisturize and fortify your hair.

On The Daily

Most dry hair issues start with the way you treat your hair on a daily basis. Using the wrong shampoo, for example, can cause stripping or drying. Switch to sulfate free daily care option (we recommend OUAI Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner) and opt for moisture-focused products whenever possible. Also, if you’re not start using a heat protectant and check your hot tools to make sure they aren’t getting too hot.  Proper heat control is an easy fix for breakage and flyaways.

Increase Moisture (duh),

The most obvious way to combat dry, aging hair is to increase the amount of moisture you’re feeding it. Be smart, though. Younger hair might drink up a heavier daily conditioner (especially in winter) but aging hair may be thinner and the added moisture will only weigh things down. Instead, look for shampoos that are formulated to add moisture and stick with deep conditioning treatments on the weekends or at the salon.

Cut it Out

Trimming dead ends can instantly make your aging, dry hair look and feel healthier. You might not think you need to go for a cut because your hair probably isn’t growing as fast, but your split ends will feel more noticeable without that growth. More regular visits to your stylist for can make all the difference.