Job interviews are scary! No matter how prepared you are or how much of a fit you are for the role, it’s not uncommon to be nervous and to overthink the little things like your outfit and hair. With that said, you interview hairstyle shouldn’t cause you any added stress, especially the morning of. If you have an upcoming job interview and want to know how you should wear your hair, here’s our best advice;


What to Avoid

When you go in for an interview you want to impress your future employer with your character and words, not your hair or clothes. It goes without saying that any style you choose should not be distracting in any way. Also, consider that your interviewer might not be as ‘trendy’ as you are, which means you should probably avoid those double mouse-buns. You’ll find success with any style that looks polished and subtle and is out of the way. Don’t bother with hair accessories and don’t use too much product. Keep things as simple as possible and make sure you don’t choose a style that you feel like you need to touch-up every 5 minutes. Oh and trim your bangs so they don’t hang over your eyes. Put your face forward and be yourself!


Styles you should choose for an interview;


A Sleek low bun or Ponytail

We love a center or side part with a slicked low bun for a job interview. It looks so polished and is easy to do on yourself. Just apply Hair Oil at the roots and a little Matte Pomade for hold, then slick the hair down with a fine tooth comb. Gather into a low pony, then twist or braid into a chignon and secure with French pins. Don’t over think it. Keep it casual so that you appear relaxed and comfortable.

A Slight Wave

Textured waves are popular for good reason. They’re easy to do, are comfortable enough for all day and frame your face nicely. Learn how to achieve wavy bends in a snap straight from Jen Atkin in this video.

Long and Straight

If your hair is on the longer side, consider wearing it sleek and straight. This look is both professional and trendy and with a good flatiron, should only take a few minutes to do. Finish the look with a little bit of Hair Oil and Matte Pomade to enhance shine and keep flyaways in check.

Pro tip: Traditional perfume may be too overwhelming for an interview but a dab of Rose Hair & Body Oil on your wrists and neck is a subtle way to freshen up just before you check in at the front desk.

Your natural ‘do

Like we said before, anything you do or wear in an interview should be an accurate reflection of who you are. If you plan to wear your hair naturally, consider getting your color touched up or ends trimmed prior to the interview. You don’t want to put overgrown roots on display. Face framing layers or highlights with bring some dimension and brighten up your look which can be especially nice if you have to wear something super corporate-y. If have short hair, go easy on products like styling gels or pomades. A little Hair Oil  goes a long way.


Good luck!