ASK-A-OUAI: How Can I Make My Hair Look Fuller?

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Surprisingly, your hair type has nothing to do with how full (or not full) your hair looks. Even curly girls can reap the beautiful benefits of boosting their volume. Think healthier looking, well-behaved hair that photographs fiercer in pictures. Last week we handed you a list of the habits thin-haired girls should have, but now we’re letting you in on our handy thin hair hacks. Keep scrolling for tips on how to fake it 'til you make it and get the full hair you’ve been daydreaming about, no glam squad needed.

Find (and Fix) the Problem
First thing’s first–target the problem from within. Our Thinning Hair Supplements are specifically designed to build strength and density in fine and limp hair after 90 days, with the help of black currant seed oil, amino acids, and biotin. Start today and you’ll also notice an increase in thickness after about six months (because of the way hair grows and the time it takes).

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Fine or oily hair creates the illusion of thin hair, but faking fullness is a breeze so fight back, babe! How? Incorporate two different shampoos in your shower regimen: a volumizing one at the roots and a hydrating one on the ends. That way, you’re saying bye to buildup without sacrificing any shine. Next, avoid using conditioner on the scalp, focusing instead on the ends. Over-hydrating, even when using the most lightweight conditioner, can weigh down your texture's natural lift. Clean hair looks fuller, so if a heatwave turns your hair into a greaseball, hit your roots with OUAI Dry Shampoo to reverse the visible separation in your hair.

Another way to add volume without having to spend a bill on a professional blowout or hours styling your hair is using the right products. For example, the Dyson Supersonic dryer is so lightweight and never causes heat damage, making it easy and harmless to create fullness at the crown using a round brush. If you don’t own a Dyson, don’t trip—our Soft Mousse works on all hair types to enhance natural curls and body, kinda like a lip plumper for your hair.

Rely on Hacks
Utilizing the right tools at home is key, but it doesn’t hurt to keep a couple tricks up your sleeve when time is of the essence. Reach for OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray to build volume and hold post styling (especially at the roots) or OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam to quickly refresh and breathe life back into blah hair. Or, do as the celeb hairstylists do and invest in a root concealer or dark color eyeshadow that matches your hair color. Apply it at your part, hairline, or on any sparse looking areas. If you're without the necessities and you’re super desperate to fake a fuller ‘do, flip your part! The priceless hack perks up your volume instantly.


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