There’s no one-size-fits-all way to make brittle hair softer but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task. Actually, far from it. Since launching last year, we’ve talked to so many hair professionals and have done a ton of research on products, ingredients and vitamins trying to figure out the secret to soft hair. Here’s what we’ve learned;


Ditch bad habits (& pick up some better ones)

Most dry hair woes can be solved with a few small changes to your hair care routine. For example, relax on the excessive brushing and switch to a wide-tooth comb. Harsh brushing disturbs your hair’s cuticles causing breakage. Also, avoid or lessen the amount of heat-styling you do - an obvious culprit for dry hair. One of our favorite soft-hair tips is to towel dry some moisture out of your hair before you go in with conditioner. Your hair will soak up more moisture this way. Another go-to tip for us is to invest in a silk pillowcase - it’s like a cloud for your hair! If you need soft hair, stat our little secret is to trim out dead ends. You’ll be surprised how much healthier your hair will feel after a quick trip to see your stylist.

Think about your diet

To soften your hair from the inside out, start with a supplement like Dry Hair Supplement, one of our three new MD- formulated ‘prescriptions’. It’s a must for you if your hair is prone to drinking conditioner. Bleached babes, frizzy girls and flaky scalps will all find a new best friend in Dry. A combination of vitamin E, iron, and silica feeds your follicles with hydrating nutrients. Dry replenishes moisture and gives you shinier, stronger hair that can stand up to a brush without breaking. Aside from supplements, you can load up on foods high in omegas, beta carotene, and protein like salmon, eggs, carrots, spinach and even dark chocolate!

Trust your products

When products claim to make your hair softer they aren’t lying, it’s science. Let your products do their job by using them properly and often. Switch to a damage repairing, moisture-focused shampoo and conditioner in the shower that’s potent but gentle enough for everyday use, like OUAI Repair Shampoo. Use a Treatment Masque at least once a week for deep restoration and a Hair Oil regularly for added protection and shine.


The big takeaway? Don’t give up!

If you really want softer hair, commit yourself to the process of figuring out what works for you then stick to  it..