Hey OUAI Fam, we've compiled all the volume questions you've slid into our DMs, sent us on Facebook and asked us over email for our brand new blog series Ask A-OUAI. Whether you want to pump up the volume on your flat lifeless hair or keep sky high height all night long we've got your covered. Don’t see your hair concern covered? Shoot us a line in the comments and we'll respond!





I use the Dry Shampoo and the Texturizing Hair Spray but the volume often fades, why?

 If you're not already, use Volume Shampoo and Conditioner to bulk up each individual strand with smart keratin and infuse hair with weightless moisture. Next, massage soft mousse throughout hair whether you're air drying or heat styling.

 If you are heat styling, blow dry your hair in sections toward the front of your head for maximum volume. Add Texturizing Hair Spray while your hair is upside down. 


What's a product that will keep my hair shiny but full (aka won't weigh it down or make it greasy).

 A lot of people are scared of mousse, but it's the best product to add major volume to limp strands. Ours is infused with rice protein to bulk every strand for maximum fullness. Massage a ping pong ball sized amount into roots and let air dry, or blow dry toward the front of your head. For added shine, apply our weightless Hair Oil from mid-lengths to ends before and after styling. 


How to add volume to limp, thin hair?

Voluminous, bouncy hair starts in the shower. Use OUAI Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, which strengthens fine strands and adds body with smart keratin and wheat proteins. 

When hair is damp, add Soft Mousse at the roots. If you're air drying, spritz from mid-lengths to end Wave Spray for texture and dimension. Scrunch damp hair for added volume.

If you're blow drying, spritz in Wave Spray from mid-lengths to ends for some addition grit and structure. Section off hair into sections and blow dry each section using a round brush. Brush in an upward motion.  


I have straight hair and if I don't curl it, it seems to lack life and body. What's the best easy way to add volume?

 When hair is damp, spritz Wave Spray from mid-lengths to ends and scrunch to add body and definition. If you're blow drying, use our clip trick  to add beachiness and dimension with very little effort.


What are the best ways to add volume to fine, thin and stick-straight hair? Are there any products that can help it keep a curl better?

 Adding volume to stick-straight hair is a process, but it can be done. Spritz hair with Wave Spray while it's damp to add grip and texture. Apply Soft Mousse at the roots for volume. Once hair is dry, use Texturizing Hair Spray before curling. Let hair cool completely once curls and then flip hair over, adding another heavy dose of Texturizing Hair Spray to help hold the curl.


I have fine, slightly wavy hair cut into a lob that falls flat after two hours. I curl it twice a week for the volume but I need hydration.

Use Volume Shampoo, followed by Repair Conditioner. Once a week, apply the OUAI Treatment Masque to reverse damage and add weightless hydration to ends. Leave it in for an hour or two if you can. When you curl it, be sure to prep hair with a Wave Spray for grit and soft mousse at the root for hold. Curl the hair away from the face. Once it's completely cooled, spritz with Texturizing Hair Spray to add hold. Add wave spray and scrunch day two hair to revive curls.