Ask A-OUAI: Frequently Asked Questions from Curly Girls

 Hey OUAI Fam, we are back again to answer all the curly girls out there in our latest blog series Ask A-OUAI. Keep reading to learn how to define your curls, keep them hydrated while still using hot tools and more of your questions below. Don’t see your hair concern covered? Hit us up in the comments and we'll respond!


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What's the best product to tame flyaways on curly hair—both on whole head and near hairline?

 Use Soft Mousse on damp hair to tame frizz and add separation to curls, (no crunch of weirdness). Let air dry and add Matte Pomade. Emulsify the pomade between your palms, using it to lightly smooth  remaining flyways at the top of the head and near the hairline. 


My hair is thick, wavy and too voluminous. I'd would like to have more defined curls and sleeker hair. 

If you're air drying your curly or wavy hair, apply Finishing Crème to damp strands from mid-lengths to ends. The lotion like texture will be absorbed by parched waves and curls, smoothing frizz and adding separation.

If you're heat styling for a sleeker look, using the Treatment Masque will replenish parched strands and reduce frizz. Rinse the masque after ten minutes and apply a mixture of Hair Oil and Finishing Crème to protect from heat damage and smooth strands. Blow dry straight in sections and follow with a straightener. 


 I have thin wavy/curly hair with flat oily roots and dry ends. I want smooth, defined curls with a bit of volume at the root. Shampoo? Conditioner? Oil? Cream? Hairspray? Mousse? Any suggestions?

Shampoo with Clear Shampoo at the root only to reduce oil and, using Repair Shampoo from mid-lengths to ends. Follow with Curl Conditioner. Once a week, treat dry ends with the Treatment Masque.

For styling, add a palm full of mousse from roots to ends for smooth, defined curls that have major volume. Once hair is dry, emulsify Matte Pomade between your palms and add to ends only to seal the tips and mask frizziness. 


I can never get my hair to look polished enough and stay polished. Naturally it's wavy up top and curly on the bottom. Any suggestions?

Start by applying the Soft Mousse to palms, then working through wet or dry hair. Using the diffuser attachment on your blowdryer on the highest heat setting and lowest power setting to dry the hair. Avoid touching the hair too much with your hands (or scrunching too much with your fingers) when the hair is still wet as this can cause frizz. Once strands are 100% dry, apply a dime size amount of Finishing Crème  throughout to smooth curls and add light separation.


My hair always appears greasy and has zero volume, and curly too. Any suggestions?

Simultaneously combat greasy locks and turn the volume up to a ten with the Dry Shampoo Foam. Apply a ping pong size amount of the Dry Shampoo Foam to your palms and emulsify. Starting in sections apply at the roots to soak up any excess oil while simultaneously adding instant volume to your lifeless locks.


My hair is thick and has a weird waves/curly texture. Really curly underneath, top layer is much more straight. Do you recommend something to define curls? That would hold even in humid weather?

To define curls, apply an egg size amount of the Soft Mousse through damp or dry hair. Use a diffuser on a low fan and high heat setting to dry and define curls. Finish off with a generous amount of the Soft Hair Spray to lock in the curls and shield from humidity.


I have very thick and super curly hair... How can I keep it moisturized and is it a good idea to add heat to it?

Once a week apply the  Treatment Masque to hair and leave it in through a workout or overnight. For moisture throughout the week, apply 1-2 pumps of Hair Oil to damp hair post-was for shiny, frizz free curls. 

 When adding heat to the hair be sure to use a heat protectant like the Finishing Crème to wet hair before styling to protect from heat damage and smooth.