No tool is more imperative to the girl who sucks at doing her own hair than hair accessories. Especially during the holiday season when moseying and mingling multiplies, crystal pins, bun cuffs, velvet bows, and the like give inexperienced and lazy girls an out when it comes time to choosing a holiday hairstyle. Ahead, peruse a pool of statement-making accessorized holiday hairstyles worth copying—for simple and sparkly tastes alike.

1. Mini Eye Combs and Rope Ponytail

Perk up a ponytail with a colored cord or rope wrapped around the length of your ponytail then make a quirky addition with Epona Valley Mini Eye Combs made with Swarovski and Pearls.


2. Celestial Clips and Textured Braid Pony

Two clips are better than one, as is the case with this double clip-accessorized textured braid ponytail.


3. Crystalline Bun and Bejeweled Bobby Pins

Keep a plain low bun company with an assortment of regal, colored stone Jennifer Behr Gemma Bobby Pins


4. Triangle Barrette and Beach Waves

Simple yet chic, a geometric hair accessory adds a fun focal point to everyday beach waves worn for the holidays. The best part is that the look can be transformed into a low bun or ponytail when you want a quick, new style.


5. Wet Look Bob and Crystal Pins

Whoever said bobs get the boring end of the holiday hair accessories stick was so wrong—keep your short cut aglow with Kela Charms Silver & Diamante Hair Pins.


6. Stacked Bobby Pins and Polished Bun 

Take a typical high bun to a new high by arranging a few My Kitsch x Justine Marjan Classic Rhinestone Bobby Pins at the back of the head.


7. Fanned Bobby Pins and Old Hollywood Waves

If all that sparkles isn't your thing, simply stack a slew of bobby pins behind the ear for a statement-making contrast with your hair color.


8. Crystal Pins and Textured Waves 

Make beachy, textured waves merry by criss-crossing the Multi-crystal Pin Set from Jen Atkin's Chloe + Isabel hair accessories collection across one side of the style.


9. Ring Barrette and High Pony

When deciding on holiday hair accessory placement, think outside the box. Follow Lelet NY's lead and clip a barrette in the middle of your pony's length to create an unexpected surprise.


10. Knotted Scarf and Wispy Bun

For an ultra-fast accessorized holiday hairstyle, have a scarf on hand to give a low bun a touch of romance.


11. Gold Cuff and Braided Ponytail

Make a boring pony pop with the easy and British cool girl-approved Syd Cuff by Syd Hayes. 


12. Velvet Headwrap and Half-Up Curls

For holiday hair accessories that won't wreak havoc on curls, reach for Scunci's Pink Turban Headwrap, and a matching scrunchie to create the half-up vibe.



13. Crescent Hair Comb and Glam Waves

Stash the Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Smooth Crescent Hair Comb in your bag for a last-minute wavy hair upgrade while en route to the party. 


14. Pearl Bobby Pins and French Twist Ponytail

Peek-a-boo pearl bobby pins make a French twist ponytail all the more Parisian.


15. Silver Pins and Sleek Topknot

Girls going for a sleek, glass hair topknot, consider adding the Quicksilver Pin Set, from Jen Atkin's Chloe + Isabel Collection, for low-key luster.


16. Pearl Barrette and Air-Dried Waves

When all you have time for is wash-and-go waves, pair the imperfect 'do with the perfect pearl Jennifer Behr Gretel Barrette.


17. Velvet Bow and Undone Side Ponytail

And the effortless holiday hair accessory award goes to the Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Blush Velvet Bow Scrunchies for making our wispy party hair wishes come true.


18. Crystal Pins and Wavy Ponytail

Jeweled Bobby Pins from Sincerely Jules's Scunci collection look beautiful on a holiday hairstyle, and even better on your bank statement.  


19. Gold Scrunchie and Curly Bun 

Curly hair types, skip the heat tools and decorate your curly bun with the shimmering Rose Gold Chloe + Isabel Bun Wrap.


20. Geometric Clips and Flipped Bob

Show off a bold cat eye or clean-cut contour by sweeping your lob to one side and securing it with one of ASOS Clear Crystal Hair Clips.


21. Statement Clip and Snatched Ponytail

What's a high, snatched ponytail without a jumbo hair clip to match? Keep your bangs down to give the clip a front-row seat on your strands.


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