It's all fun and games with short hair until you have to style it. Taking a flat iron to pixies, bobs and lobs can seem impossible, but the next time you're struggling to get your hair between the plates, read this. Here Liz Sustaita from 454 North Salon in West Hollywood shares her five tips for styling short hair with a flat iron.

Sections = Key

I find it easiest to part the hair in four sections: left and right of your face and left and right on the back of your head. Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair, you then section one of the quarter sections into smaller horizontal sections, not usually any bigger then a inch if the hair is thick and coarse. If hair is relatively smooth and fine, you can take bigger sections. I prefer to use GHD Sectioning Clips as they create clean lines and hold a lot of hair because of their crocodile hinge feature.

Seamless Movements

My favorite flat iron is GHD Platinum + Professional Performance 1" StylerWhen flat ironing short hair, you want to try to be as seamless with your movement down the length of your hair all that way to the very ends. This will create a silky, polished look.

When you are working on really short hair, say a fringe or pixie length, a mini flatiron is best. The GHD Mini Styler has 1/2" for the small, hard-to-get styles and sections.

Getting Close to the Root

If you are trying to get really close to the root, you are going to want to take smaller sections. This way, you can get as close without creating any unsightly indentations.

Go Easy on the Hairline

One thing you shouldn’t do, or at the very least be very careful with, is your hairline. The hairline around your face tends to be very delicate hair. You don’t want to go over and over it because that can mean overexposure to the heat, and result in getting dry and breaking.

Use Protection

What you absolutely should always do is use heat protectant products and oils before you begin flat ironing short hair. This will always benefit the health of your hair and overall outcome of your style. I love to use Davines Oi Oil. I use one or two pumps depending on the thickness of one's hair on dry hair. It protects by creating a barrier between the flatiron plates and your hair helping you create a really smooth and silky finish.