A Guide to Getting Va-Va-Volume, and Keeping It

On not-lazy days, styling our 'do usually results in one of two dilemmas: a battle to banish frizz or a struggle to maximize volume. Thanks to Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets, the fight against frizz is over, for good. Soon, the voyage to achieve volume will be over too, with the launch of Volume Spray. While we all impatiently await the weightless body-building mist's drop, we consulted editorial hairstylist Prince Angel (the man behind the manes of Chrisspy, Gigi Gorgeous, and Patrick Star) on how to add mega lift and body to locks. Keep reading for his guide to getting big volume according to hair type and texture.

OUAI Volume Spray

How to get big volume if you have:

Flat wavy/curly hair- If it’s clean, first-day hair, you need to get a pick comb and comb from your scalp to the mid-shaft of the hair. Start scrunching it, even if it’s dry, to break up the product from weighing down the hair. If it’s dirty, three-day hair, massage your scalp all over until it feels fluffy and until your strands are all separated. After that, use a wand that’s similar in size to your natural curls and curl random pieces to make the hair appear FULL!

Flat, dry hair- If you have flat, dry hair, it’s probably because your new hair growth is not chemically treated like the rest of your hair. Blast OUAI Dry Shampoo on your scalp to fluff up those roots. 

Flat, oily hair- First make sure you’re not using a shampoo and conditioner that leaves a heavy residue. 7 times out of 10 clients are using heavy products. Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner are great to use 2-3 times a week if you wash your hair everyday, because it strips old residue from your hair and scalp. Every other day, use a shampoo that is moisturizing but not too heavy, like OUAI Volume Shampoo or Clean Shampoo. When it comes to conditioner, only condition the ends—not your scalp. Once you have your wash routine down, OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray will be your bestie. But always remember that every hair problem starts at the foundation so get the right shampoo and conditioner! 

What’s the best way to prep wet hair for a voluminous foundation?
Curly hair- I LOVE the Aquage Defining Gel and Aquage Curl Defining Creme. Apply a mixture of both to damp hair then diffuse with a diffuser.
Thick hair- The OUAI Hair Oil is amazing mixed with R+Co Blow Out Balm.
All other hair types- Use Bumble and bumble’s All-Style Blow Dry Cream.

Is there a method for maximizing volume that works on all hair types?
A method for maximizing volume that works on all hair types is making sure the hair is fully dry first. Use a blow dryer and a round brush—don’t let it air dry. Once fully dry, curl your hair in all different directions (not your typical beach waves) and then comb through with your fingers. 

What’s the best hack for setting voluminous hair in place? 
Keep your bangs rolled and pinned to the top of your head while you do your makeup or get ready, and always, always stay in an air conditioned room. Once your scalp gets sweaty, it all starts to go flat. 

How do you make volume last super long?
The right foundation and the right setting spray! My favorite product to keep volume in place for a long time is starting with Shuga Hair Directional Volumizing Mousse on towel-dried hair then blow drying. After you style, set the look with a medium-hold hairspray. My go-to's are Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing SprayOUAI Medium Hair Spray, and Prive Finishing Texture Spray. For performance hair (stage and dancing), I love using Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray.

How do you achieve volume if you want to air dry your hair? 
Part your hair the opposite direction from how you usually part it. After it dries, part it back to how you usually wear it and bam—it’s voluminous and and fluffy.


Volume Spray is coming soon! Read this to learn more about her