Summer's all about doing the least and looking the most. That means making your hair routine easy-peasy and stocking up on cute hair accessories for last-minute efforts. Because our founder Jen Atkin catches more flights than anyone we know, we asked her about nailing the summer hair trends effortlessly. Ahead our founder shares her take on the haircuts, styles, and hacks for every hair type you need to keep in mind all summer '19.

Consider This Cool Girl Short Haircut

    I think a short bob right above the shoulders would look great on short girls. Camila Coelho wears her short bob really well. Ask for a haircut that’s right above your shoulders with minimal layers cut within to take some of the weight out of it. So it moves when you move. 

    To style this short haircut into a straight, sleek look: Prep damp hair with OUAI Leave In Conditioner, blow dry using a Mason Pearson Brush and Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Then flat iron sections and finish with OUAI Hair Oil for a shiny finish.  

    Model Your Medium to Long Haircut After This Muse

    Marianna Hewitt has the prettiest medium/long haircut and fits her face perfectly. It’s a long layered haircut that looks good either with a bouncy blowout/or straight. Ask for a long layered haircut, keeping the face framing pieces pretty long as well. 

    To style this cut into a bouncy blowout, prep damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray and blow dry with a Medium Sized Ibiza Hair Brush and Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Blow dry each section under and set with a duckbill clip to let cool and continue with the rest of the hair. Once done, remove all duckbill clips, shake up and finish with some OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray.

    On Lazy Days, Reach for These Accessories

    I love Slip Slipsilk Scrunchies! They’re so chic and go with just about anything. Since they’re made out of silk, they’re designed to not tug on your hair, which is great for summer since everyone’s hair needs a little extra love during the summer months. Use one to throw up your hair in a cute pony or half-up hairstyle with tendrils when you don’t feel like washing your styled beach waves. 

    I also love Janessa Leone hats! I recently wore one of her hats on vaca and was obsessed because it went with just about anything and kept the sun off my face.

    Effortless Bangs But Make it Frizz-Free

    If you have bangs this summer, you want to make sure you’re embracing your natural texture whenever you can, so I’d say using a product to enhance the texture would be your bff. For wavy textured hair, prep damp hair with OUAI Air Dry Foam and prep the rest of your hair the same, scrunch in and let air dry. For girls with curly hair, use OUAI Curl Jelly to scrunch in and let air dry as well. If you’re going with a straight vibe, use a round brush to blow dry, stretching the ends out a bit so it frames the face nicely. Finish with a hairspray then brush again to set. 

    How to Make the Most Out of Your Hair Type

    Thin hair: Prep damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray and blow dry hair upside down to create the most body. Then blow dry the rest with a medium-sized brush for a bouncy blowout. For extra body, spray roots with OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray.

    Wavy/curly hair: I think a lot of women have less and less time to style their hair especially during the summer months. It’s hot and some women don’t want to put too much heat on their hair. For a naturally textured look, prep damp hair with OUAI Curl Jelly or Air Dry Foam and let air dry for a frizz-free wash and go.

    Oily hair: Embrace the oil! I know that sounds weird, but you can get a very sleek/shiny bun or pony utilizing the natural oils of your scalp. Using a barbers brush, brush hair back into a low pony and secure with a hair tie. Finish with hairspray for a shiny, chic finish. 

    Wear the Wet Look, Simplified

    For an easier version of the wet look, style your hair using a curling iron as you normally would, then apply OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil throughout—done! The wet look works on just about every hair type except probably not girls with naturally very curly or oily hair. 

    Embrace the Temperature and Your Texture

    The way to change up your summer hair without putting in too much work? Embracing your natural texture is a big one since it’s so warm. Also, wearing your hair up in a cute bun or pony.

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