The Memory to your Mist, the Curl to your Jelly, the Wave to your Spray; life without your other half slash sister from another mister would be like running out of Rose Hair & Body Oil on vacation—a tragedy. In honor of National Best Friends Day, OUAI crushes Nitsan Raiter, based in Toronto, and Emma Rose, based in Vancouver, tell us what it's actually like being in a long distance relationship with your bestie, and how they make their west coast-east coast connection work.


1. *When you text your BFF more than your BF*

Because you’re apart, you’re always connected. You’re both first on speed-dial, have seen (and approved) each other’s IG posts before they’ve even been posted and DM memes back and forth everyday to keep the sparks flying.

2. FaceTime is your third other BFF

Catching up over FT while brushing your teeth/curling you hair/cooking breaky, you name it. It really becomes a norm.

3. Long distance BFF = excuse to travel together

Plan to meet up somewhere new and see the world together! The best kind of travel buddy.

4. Every time you meet, there’s always a new beauty secret

Spill the deets on the latest launch, faux pas and go-to hair and makeup routine —“Did you hear OUAI is coming out with a new product this summer?” “omg goals”

5. You develop your own secret language (and take it home with you)

Some of our key lingo includes: *always talking in third person*, “AMAZING” (when things go wrong), “goals” (when things go right), “dead” (when you’re shook), “LET ME KNOW” (when you really just don’t know), “NIM” (not in the mood) and “sabotage” (when someone does you wrong)

6. Two homes make a right

Naturally, you end up with a second family, more friends and two homes across the country (and two boyfriends?). Goals.

7. Double the wardrobe

When you put two fashion bloggers together, the wardrobe can get pretty big. Luckily, we let each other borrow clothes which means we get to wear double the clothing ;)


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