7 Bobby Pin Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

As futile as you think bobby pins are, they're actually the under-the-radar essential hack favorite for many hairstylists. What you might not know is exactly how to utilize these bobby pin hacks for the purpose of fixing a bumpy updo, volumizing a thin ponytail, concealing an ugly hair tie and more hair problems. That's why we asked hairstylists themselves to show us the ropes. After learning the seven bobby pin hacks laid out below, you (and your hair) will never be the same.  

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1. Snatched Pony

Create a hair tie bungee to conform to any size thickness of ponytail. Here's how: loop together two hair elastics of your choice and attach a bobby-pin at each end to create the bungee. Pull your hair up into the desired ponytail location, insert one bobby pin at the base of the tail and wrap the elastic around until secure. Finish by crossing the bobby-pins into and “x” for a tangle-free ponytail. This bobby pin hack is great for wavy and curly hair textures. 

2. Hide Loose Strands

You just finished styling your hair up and you notice a stray strand. Now what? Wrap that stray hair around a French hair-pin several times and insert the pin up into your existing style to polish the style. This hack is ideal for all hair types.

3. Secure a Braid Sans Hair Tie 

Secure a braid without hair elastics by knotting the end of the braid and inserting a bobby pin upward to lock in the hair. Ideal for all hair types.

4. DIY Accessories

Create colorful pins with nail polish to create fun exposed bobby pin hairstyles. Lay out bobby pins on a piece of cardboard or newspaper and paint them with any nail polish color. Let dry and create colorful designs.

Veronica Nunez, editorial hairstylist and groomer

5. Get a Grip

My favorite bobby pin hack is spraying hairspray or texturizer on the inside of the bobby pin to prevent slippage. Any texturizer or hairspray works!

Carly Walters, LA-based celebrity hairstylist 

6. Add Volume to a Ponytail

A bobby pin hair hack I do all the time, especially on shoots, for an instant quick fix for volume is to flip your ponytail upside down once secured or grab the entire ponytail and lift it directly upward. The trick is to go ahead and slide 1-3 bobby pins vertically down the back underneath through the hair tie or bungee at the base. This will create a platform of strength for the hair to stand upright instead of collapsing. But make sure it's comfortable and secure before flipping your ponytail back over. This will hide the bobby pins you placed and give you instant faux height. You'll have a volumized ponytail in less than 10 seconds, it's so simple but so effective. 

This works great on any texture and length as you're concealing the trace of the bobby pins in the back underneath the ponytail. 

It's foolproof and for anyone looking to add extra oomph to their hair. Get a bobby pin that matches your hair color to make it even more discreet. To make sure those bobby pins stay in place all day, coat the bobby pins with OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam or OUAI Dry Texture Foam to give them grit. Then tease the ponytail to enhance the volume. Lastly, make sure your pony stays in perfect shape and place all day by finishing with a spritz of OUAI Soft Hair Spray 

Dom Seeley, UK-based celebrity hairstylist 

7. Hold It

If I don’t have a matte bobby pin on hand, I’ll spray hairspray or texture spray on whatever cheap bobby pins I can get my hands on to help them hold better. To make sure you’re getting the most of this bobby pin hack, try opening up the bobby pin and spraying the inside of it to really grip onto the hair when you slide it in. It’s a hack that works great on all hair types. 

Ashley Rubell, NY-based editorial hairstylist