Do you ever feel like you can’t figure out which of your hair products are essential and which are one-offs? Like if someone asked you what your desert island, can’t-live-without-it products were you’d be like DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Well we do, which is why lately we’ve been stripping down our routine to essentials-only and at the same time, stocking up on multi-taskers  that can do more than just one job. In the process, we’ve noticed one product that never leaves our ‘keep’ pile; OUAI Finishing Crème. Like lotion for you hair, it smoothes dry ends, protects from damage and gives fine-medium hair that lived-in look with a light-reflective shine. In other words, it does A LOT, all while actually improving the health of our hair.  So, in case you’re still confused,  here are 5 ways to use (or 5 arguments in favor of) Finishing Crème.

Ouai Haircare Finishing Creme
  1. As a heat protectant before a blowout. Also, gives said blowout a smoother overall appearance. Win-win.

  1. After a blow out to smooth ends and restore moisture, or in other words; to fake healthy looking hair. Work a dime-sized amount to your ends for a model-off-duty look or throughout for a Pat-McGrath level hair highlight.

  1. On natural curls and waves for shape definition and added bounce.

  1. Midday, to smooth flyaways and tame unwanted frizz. Bonus: It seals out humidity.

  1. To seal split ends and protect them from getting worse via UV protection.

Whichever way you choose to use this product, remember to start with a little and build up depending or your need. Everyone’s hair is different and you’d be surprised how potent this stuff is! Also - you will become addicted to the way this smells. You’ve been warned.