5 Ways To Break Up With Breakage For Good

Breakage; we’ve all had it, we all hate it and we all want to avoid it. Too often, however, we perpetuate the cycle of damage during our regular, everyday hair routine without even knowing it! Here are 5 ways to prevent and avoid damage so that you can break-up with breakage – for good.

Ouai Haircare Treatment Masque

Treat Early & Often

When hair is thirsty and dry, it breaks much more easily. No matter what your pillowcase is made of or what type of elastic you use, dry, brittle hair eventually becomes damaged and breaks. To counteract this and make sure your hair is quenched at all times, use a deep treatment once a week (like our Treatment Masque) and use lightweight moisturizers like Hair Oil and/or leave-in creams throughout the week.

Take Your Vitamins

Strong hair starts from within so make sure you’re getting enough of the necessary proteins your hair needs to stay thick and grow long. If you’re always on the go and  have trouble loading up on things like eggs, fish, lean meat and nuts, consider supplementing your diet with added vitamins like our soon to be released hair-specific Supplements.

Say Goodbye To Sulfates

If your shampoo has sulfates (or sodium lauryl sulfate) listed on the bottle, chances are it’s adding to a variety of your worst hair issues, including breakage. Often times, a type of salt is added to products with sulfate to thicken it which, of course,  dries out your hair and increases its potential for breakage. Avoid SLS with any of the shampoos from our Daily Care collection – we are always sulfate-free.

Detangle with Care

When brushing out tangles, opt for a wide-tooth comb or tangle teezer as opposed to a harsh brush, especially when your hair is wet because that’s when it’s the most fragile. If you’re hair is particularly knotty,  consider a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner to soften your hair before you brush. You can make your own detangler with a bit of your favorite conditioner and some water in spray bottle.

Watch What You Heat

Everyone knows that too much heat – whether from your dryer or hot tools –  can cause an ugly amount of damage and breakage. Use products with a heat protectant before you style, and use the right tools and settings for your hair type. The Dyson Supersonic is a great dryer to use if you’re an everyday blow dry kinda girl because it measure and controls the heat of the air as your dry to protect you from heat damage. Similarly, invest in flat-irons and curling irons with accurate setting control and power cords that aren’t frayed or damaged.