Having radiant, healthy-looking hair is sort of like a carrying a designer handbag; when you have it, you feel like a million dollars and everything you wear just looks better. The good news is, shiny locks and hydrated ends are a lot easier (and cheaper) to obtain than this season’s it bag. How? Here are our 5 no-fail tips to remedy dry ends for healthier, shiner hair and smoother ends.




1.Start From Within

Healthy hair will never happen if your diet isn’t giving you the vitamins you need. If you’re hair is perpetually dry, an easy fix might be to start drinking more water but more often than not, you’ll need to add vitamin supplements into your routine in order to kickstart growth, or repair damage.


2. Turn Down The Heat And Use Protection

Turn the temperature setting on your hair dryer, flatiron and curling down or skip them altogether if you can. Heat tools cause breakage which in turn looks dull and dry (because it is). Also, always use a heat-protectant like our Finishing Creme which, in addition to warding off damage from your hot tools, protects your hair from external damage like sun and saltwater.


3.Treat Damage Early and Often

Sometimes – and especially if you color your hair – damage is inevitable, which is why you need to develop a treatment plan and stick to it.  According to Jen, one of the reasons celebrities who get so much done to their hair still have shiny locks is because they are religious about treatment. We like our Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for serious damage and our Smooth Conditioner for lighter days and our Treatment Masque once a week for adding damage-control.


4. Detox Your Locks

Keep in mind that you hair will look much shinier and bouncier if, every once in awhile, you remove all traces of styling products and conditioner. Too much build-up is never a good thing. Our Clean Shampoo and Conditioner will help get you back to square one so you have a clean canvas to work with.


5. Add Gloss to the Final Look

When all's said and done, even the healthiest heads of hair need a little post-styling boost. Use our Matte Pomade to seal in your ends so they don’t frizz. Swipe a small amount in the areas you want to look glowy - like a highlighter for you hair.