Parisiennes have Paris, pasta, perfect hair, and now the FIFA World Cup trophy yet we really only care about one of those: the je ne sais quoi French girls like Jeanne Damas, Brigitte Bardot, and Louise Follain have cemented via their style and strands. From what we've gathered, their beauty philosophy is simple and seems to be as such—less is more and more they abhor. On a quest to capture the essence of the French girl bedhead we j'adore so much for ourselves, we asked Paris-based celebrity and editorial hairstylist Paul Duchemin to help us decode their OUAIs. Ahead, five things French girls with amazing locks always do to their hair.  


1. They Prefer Volume Over Texture

French women prefer volume, because texture means product and they don’t like product, or maybe very light product. If anything, they'll use a dry oil.

2. They Keep Accessories to a Minimum 

French women don’t really like hair accessories. They always want to take the easy route with their look. If they need accessories, they'll go for a simple elastic or one clip, but that’s it. 

3. They Spend Less Time in the Salon

French women color their hair only if they need to. For example, if they have white hairs, or maybe just crave more shine, but they don’t really like to color hair for a real big change. It’s always natural-looking so that means natural highlights, natural blonde, or natural brunette. They choose ash tones over red, orange, and warm tones. As for haircuts, they prefer medium length cuts with subtle layers and light bangs. They avoid very long hair, because that takes time to style; or very short, boyish cuts because French girls like to be pretty women. 

4. They Put More Effort Into Their Skincare Routine

French women aren't really into hairstyling, as they prefer to spend more money on their skin than a blow dry. In that sense, they're less sophisticated than American women, and they prefer air drying. But if they have to do something, French women go for big, natural waves or a simple blowout for shine.

5. They Get Good Hair During Slumber

Because French girls like to sleep in and be outside or go out often, they don't spend too much time on their hair. They like to twist hair into a bun before going to bed, and wake up the next day with beautiful waves that don't require product.

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