There’s no better time than Spring to test drive a new haircut or style. If you love it, you’ll feel re-energized and inspired to switch out those dark winter knits for bright-colored dresses and open-toed shoes. If you hate it, well - there’s plenty of time to grow it out or switch it up before summer hits. Here are 5 styles we love for Spring, and how to get them;


Sleek and Straight a la Kim Kardashian

Sleek, long hair is very trendy and very non-committal. It’ s also a great way to do a quick 180 from a lob style (with extensions, duh). Read this to learn how to get this look.


The Modern Shag (a la Alexa Chung)

If you’re french-girl obsessed or just looking to add a little edge to your everyday look, this one’s for you. The length of this style may be similar to a long bob but it has a totally different vibe. The ‘modern’ shag has a ton of layers (just like it did in the 70s), but they’re blended and more subtle. The focus of the style is on your natural texture and how the shape of the cut works and flows on you and your face. Length is up to you! To style this look, try a combination of Wave Spray and Soft Mousse. It’ll bring out the layers while giving you hair a ton of volume and body. Drying with a diffuser with amp this up even more. If needed, you can break up the texture a bit with Matte Pomade to finish.

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Curly Bangs

Curly hair is having a moment, so it’s only  natural that the next step would be curly bangs. This style might seem tough to master at first, but with the right products - it can look super dope. The key to this style is that the bangs should be natural-looking, soft, (not crunchy!) and should hit just above your lashes. To style curly bangs, use a Finishing Creme or a little Soft Mousse on damp hair before using a diffuser to dry bangs in place. Finish with Wave Spray.

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Cropped Bob

Tons of celebs have jumped onto the super-short-hair train lately and with the promise of little-to-no styling time, you might be thinking of making the change yourself. If you’re not ready for Kristen Stewart short, try this super cropped bob with bangs cut above the eyebrows. It’s a sort of french-Gatsby hybrid  that makes a bold statement and is surprisingly very feminine, despite the length.

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Blunt Lob

A uniform, blunt cut with no layers is impactful way to upgrade your overgrown textured lob. It’s easy to style, makes your neck look longer and hair thicker. It also has a ton of versatility because of the longer length. Try this is you have fine hair or have a ton of damage you want to cut out. Sure, piecey layers add movement and dimension but a blunt cut is new and different and is sure to stand out.