Pop quiz: How many countries does OUAI ship to? If you guessed 28, you’re a genius. Whether she’s lathering up beachside in Monaco with Rose Hair & Body Oil or fighting frizz with Anti-Frizz Sheets in London, the OUAI girl is busy living her best life aka getting OUAIsted around the world. To keep up with the countries our jet-setting squad comes from and travels to, we’re tapping our crushes for travel guides to their international hometowns and destination vacations. Here, OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter, who divides her time between Toronto and NYC, shows us around Tel Aviv, Israel, complete with tips for first-timers and a 48-hour travel itinerary.

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

Jaffa, Tel Aviv

“I grew up in Israel, so visiting for me is all about going back to my favorite spots and hanging out with my family. I was born here! It’s my absolute favorite place in the world, for so many reasons. My entire family lives in Israel, so that was definitely an inspiration for visiting, but also the weather! I mean, it’s January and I’m in a T-shirt. I’ll take it. Israelis live their best lives. There are literally hammocks and beach chairs in the middle of the street. Grab a book, headphones, and just chiiiiiiill. Don’t leave Israel without taking home Bamba, my FAVE Israeli snack. Think peanut butter flavored Cheetos. SO GOOD.”

Beauty Packing List

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

My bathroom at Market House Hotel in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Booking the Trip

Check out Google Flights + Hopper for the best flight deals, and word of mouth for the best hotels (I contacted them directly!). I recommend staying at Market House Hotel, Jaffa, Tel Aviv.

Dressing the Part
During the winter, bring a mix of both summer and winter clothes – it can get super nice outside (you may even go to the beach), but pretty cold when you’re indoors or in the shade. Better safe than sorry!

Nitsan Raiter OUAI Crush Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

Getting Around
Train! I generally stay in Haifa when I visit Israel because my family lives here, but I also loooove to spend my time in Tel-Aviv (think Israel meets NYC). I always hop on the train to go back and forth – free WiFi, no traffic, good nap time, it’s a win-win.

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

Breakfast boards at Bucke Café

Eating Like an Israeli
The food is the best part!! Israelis love to eat, and love their food. Breakfasts are a standout for me when it comes to Israeli culture. So many little side plates of feta cheese, cream cheese, tuna salad, every single type of bread you can image, eggs any style. I have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Already drooling. 

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

Tel Aviv, Israel


10AM Breakfast at Market House Hotel, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

11AM The Jaffa Port by the beach!

12PM Shopping at cute little antique shops all around the town

1:30PM Get on-the-go falafel for lunch while you’re exploring Jaffa (stands pretty much at every corner)

3PM Check out the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek

7:30PM Dinner at Mediterranean restaurant Onza on Rabi Khanina St.

11:30PM Dancing at Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

Rooftop of the Market House Hotel


11AM Breakfast at Bucke Café, Tel Aviv (get any of the breakfast boards!)

12PM Explore the neighborhood one block west from Rothschild Blvd (Ahad Ha'Am St.) where there are the cutest little homes and coffee shops. Walk up or down the street from wherever you are and explore! Also a plus: super Instagram-able spots

2PM Lunch at any of the 14876264 restaurants along Rothschild Blvd.

4PM Shopping at Dizengoff Center (all your fave stores – Zara, H&M, etc.)

7PM Dinner on any side-street around Dizengoff Square – you got all the options (sushi, pizza, Mediterranean, bars, desserts). You can’t go wrong.

10PM Drinks at Spicehaus on Dizengoff St.

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter Tel Aviv Israel Travel Guide

Breakfast at The Market House Hotel

Photos: @beautyrewritten

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