You know your content skills are nifty when you live in NYC but make it look 70 degrees and sunny on the ‘gram year round. That’s the OUAI of our current crush Rohini Elyse, the lifestyle blogger blocking Brooklyn shade and miraculously finding the good light in every corner of the concrete jungle. When she’s not creating for her site, she’s working as an Interior Design Assistant at Mercer Project, a boutique international art and design studio in Soho. Recently though she needed a break from the Big Apple so she did what any logical person would do, and headed to Miami. Ahead, Rohini takes us along for the ride during her 48 hours in South Beach, sharing the handy travel booking site she uses, where to find watermelon poke, get good content for the feed, and more Miami must-sees.

"This isn’t my first going to Miami but it is my first time spending a good amount of time there! I needed to get away from the city (NYC), I needed to swim in the ocean and enjoy the tropical breezes so South Beach it was.  From NYC, Miami is about a three hour flight, not bad at all! I read a good book and boom, I was in Miami.

I never do too much research before a trip, I like to just book where I will be staying and figure out the rest once I get there. That being said, I really enjoyed Wynwood Arts District, and there is a luxury mall nearby that is super fun to walk (and drool) at. 

The vibe there is very relaxed and chill during the day, most people are on the beach enjoying the sun. At night, its poppin'! Ocean Drive is lively 24/7, Monday-Sunday. The food we had was so fresh, we couldn’t stop talking about it. Our favorite place (Planta) had a rooftop garden. Another thing that stood out to me was the sheer amount of designer clothes and luxury cars being shown off on Ocean Drive, it’s almost like being at a car show or something!"

Beauty Packing List:

    Fashion Packing List:

    • Ray Ban Gold rimmed Sunnies
    • Vogue Eyewear Sunnies (my boyfriend says I look like I’m in the Matrix when I wear them)
    • Comfy and cute sandals from Madewell
    • Dainty necklaces from Mejuri 
    • I packed everything in my light blue suitcase from Samsonite, which I put Glossier stickers on so I can always tell it apart!

      Booking the Trip

      I use Skyscanner to find good flight deals, it never fails! We also stayed in an Airbnb and searched for one super close to the beach. 

      Where to Stay

      I recommend finding an Airbnb if you are staying in South Beach, there are a lot of summer condos available to stay in for a short time! Usually cheaper and closer to the beach than hotels in the area. 

      Dressing the Part

      Pack comfy and cute dresses for the daytime, but nothing too tight- it’s so hot! Make sure to bring some outfits to “stunt” in for the night life, people go all out on Ocean Drive.

      Getting Around

      We stayed close enough to walk to the beach, and anywhere else we needed to go we just took an Uber. We were so surprised at how much cheaper the fares were than NYC!

      Tip for First-Timers

      Club promoters are very aggressive- don’t be surprised if a bunch DM you or hit you up on the side of the street trying to get you to go out to the club with them (lol). 

      Breakfast at Pure Vida

      DAY 1:

      10AM Breakfast at Pura Vida- they have everything a vegan gal could dream of for a nice brekky. Acai bowls, avocado toast, oatmeal bowls, smoothies. They have nice outdoor seating also, the perfect way to start the day. 

      11AM Time to hit the beach, bring sunscreen and water- it’s hot, hunnies! 

      1PM Window shop around stores on the South Beach, then have lunch at Plant Theory, a place with delish veggie burgers and homemade kombucha, perfect for a grab and go lunch.

      Stunting on Ocean Drive

      3PM Head back to the beach, you can’t really go to Miami and not come back with a tan, right? Tanlines or it didn’t happen. 

      5PM On to the Airbnb for a shower and change of clothes, time to stunt with the cutest outfit crammed in your suitcase—Ocean Drive calls for it. 

      Dinner at Planta

      7PM Dinner at Planta, the most delectable vegan restaurant I’ve ever experienced. Try the turmeric infused cocktail, the Watermelon Poke and the “Frenchie Pizza.” 

      9PM Walk around Ocean Drive, count the amount of Rolls Royce’s that drive by, and possibly grab a margarita or two.

      DAY 2:

      9AM Breakfast at Under the Mango Treecfor the freshest Acai bowls ever. Try the cinnamon almond milk latte, and make sure to add almond butter to your bowl (it’s so good). 

      10AM Catch an Uber to the Wynwood Arts District, take lots of pictures and explore the cute shops.

      Taco Truck in Wynwood

      12PM Grab some street Taco’s in Wynwood, they’re so delicious but so small! I needed like six of them. 

      2PM Back to the beach, great tans don’t just happen in one day! Make sure to swim in the ocean, the water is really warm and super relaxing.

      Breakfast at Under the Mango

      4PM Walk around the South Beach mall and maybe you’ll find a great summer dress like this one (my new favorite).

      6PM Dinner and drinks at Glam Vegan, they have pineapple sangria and vegan tiramisu that is legit AMAZING. I’m still thinking about it. 

      10PM Grab a bottle of wine and head to the beach, the waves are so peaceful at night.


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