Private beaches, endless pasta, and perfect views are the standard in Sardinia, the second largest Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. Take it from two of four sisters who founded NYC-based Alex Mika Jewelry, Alexa and Michela Eshaghian—the quaint yet lavish island is endowed with eye candy for all the senses. For a better idea of how to spend your time in Sardinia like a pro, keep reading for Alexa and Michela's insider guide to Sardinia, Italy. 

Hotel Cala Di Volpe

Alexa: In general I find traveling a huge passion of mine. What brought me to Sardinia is the hotel, Cala Di Volpe, the food, the landscape, and the people. One of my favorite lunches is at Cala Di Volpe- they have a buffet with anything you can imagine. What I make sure to order after every meal are the wild strawberry’s for dessert.

Michela: After studying abroad in Florence, six years ago, I have always been a fan of Italian culture. I love visiting and exploring the different cities in Italy, I love hearing the locals speak Italian, and most importantly I love the food. I LOVE pasta. The hotel we stayed at is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. The different painted colors of the exterior and the architecture are always a joy to look at.

Culturally, the people in Sardinia are extremely amiable and welcoming- they want you to have the best experience possible. We’re huge foodies, so for us, we love to delve in and explore different restaurants when we’re there. We can eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because of how clean and authentic it tastes.

Beach Shopping 

Beauty Packing List

Fashion Packing List

Alexa: As a stylist I always feel inclined to pack even extra to snap some photos in. This summer I brought a bunch of sarongs and day dresses for daytime and a bunch of cute matching sets, denim, and jumpsuits for nighttime. A lot of the sarongs were from Revolve, denim from Redone and jumpsuits from FWRD. I also found the cutest guy selling amazing sets on the beach there and wore them there as well (very similar to poupette)

Michela: Recently, I’ve been very into online shopping. I packed tons of bikinis that I shopped from Reformation and on Revolve. For the daytime I packed coverups dresses and sarongs from Zara, Zimmermann, For Love & Lemons and Revolve and high-waisted Levi's jean shorts. For the nighttime, I packed a lot of cute floral short dresses from Revolve, high-waisted Levi's or Grlfrend Denim and cute tops.

Alexa: I packed everything in a large Rimowa suitcase.

Michela: I packed everything in a large Away suitcase, which has two sides to it and allows me to pack extra without being overweight. Funny enough our bags didn’t arrive when we did, so we had to do some shopping in town before we got them back!

Sunbathing at Hotel Cala Di Volpe

Booking the Trip

We always research the area we’re going to before we go whether it’s through a public hashtag on Insta or geotags at the hotel that we’re going to - always nice to see the current vibe and the people that are there. We used to book our flights. The hotel we booked directly via the hotel, but if you want to stay at Cala Di Volpe they’re part of SPG! 

Unfortunately there are no direct flights from NY to Sardinia, so we had to stop in Madrid and then take a flight from there. Overall I’d say it took us 12 hours.

Pasta at Hotel Cala Di Volpe

Where to Stay

The first year that I went I stayed on a friend’s boat and the second time was at Hotel Cala Di Volpe. We definitely recommend staying at Cala Di Volpe. Otherwise we know there are many other amazing boutique hotels to stay at as well.

Cala Di Volpe sits on an amazing piece of landscape in Porto Cervo unlike a typical hotel you’d see in similar parts of Italy. The hotel sits on a huge land of grass with its own private beach three minutes away by boat. Mid summer (when we go) you tend to see families with younger kids from around the world. The people, the food, the views, and the atmosphere are all incredible. This hotel is very chic and trendy.

Hotel Cala Di Volpe

Dressing the Part

For during the day it’s very simple—people are in bathing suits and cover ups. If you plan to roam around town a cute day dress or even a sarong with a cropped tee works. At night, people tend to get decked out, but I like to dress in between. I’d suggest packing cool pants with a top and mini heeled shoes, or even a denim with a cool top. You could also get away with a simple dress.

Getting Around

Taxi! Or hotel car depending on where you’re staying. If you go into town they always have a bunch of taxis available to take you back.

Tip for First-Timers 

Beyond sun, sea, and town, there’s not MUCH to do so we recommend taking this trip with a significant other or family. There are nightclubs and cool sunset beaches, but we’d go with a larger group if that’s your intention for the trip. 

You definitely shouldn’t leave without ordering the wild strawberries and ice cream for dessert though they're intangible. A tangible souvenir—bring home some fresh uncooked pasta to cook when you’re feeling nostalgic back at home.

Michela: We discovered local designers selling beautiful coverups that are definitely worth checking out on the local beaches. We love supporting local designers, and these coverups will be worn on future trips for sure.

Boat Ride to Corsica


10AM Breakfast at our hotel, Cali di Volpe, buffet style featured fresh yogurt with granola and fruit, and of course, the best coffee. Michela’s favorite is their latte macchiato. The service at this hotel is spectacular, as well as the food, so it would be a waste not to take advantage and enjoy it.

12PM While on the hotel beach we discovered a really sweet talented man, Vincenzo, who owns a line similar to Poupette. We shopped several matching pant/crop top sets and dresses.

Latte Macchiato 

1:30PM Lunch at the hotel, buffet style, includes fresh spaghetti pomodoro with extra cherry tomatoes. Small slice of veal Milanese and a salad to share with everyone. As much as we want to eat healthy, we’re in Italy, on vacation and the pasta is too delicious to turn down! A bottle of white wine of rosé for the table also compliments the meal.

Tagliatelle with Fresh Tomato Sauce

3PM There's a private beach for our hotel which takes three minutes by boat ride. If we aren’t hanging by the pool, this was the spot to veg out in the sun. In order to make up for all the pasta and pizza we were eating, we would swim laps in the huge hotel pool, or work out in the hotel’s outdoor gym.

6PM The Porto Cervo town is beautiful to visit in the evening. When you arrive, you can visit all the shops, the harbor and then watch the sunset. You can have dinner there then treat yourself to gelato.

Waterside at Hotel Cala di Volpe

8PM We went to dinner at a restaurant in Porto Vervo called Il Pescatore. This restaurant is right on the water so you get a beautiful view of sunset and of the boats on the water. Obviously we ordered pasta immediately as we sat.

Il Pescatore Restaurant in Porto Cervo

10PM If you want to go clubbing, you can go to the Billionaire club. We loved going to Phi Beach to get drinks while watching the sunset.


10AM Have breakfast at the hotel, buffet style- fresh scrambled eggs with mushroom onion and a little bit of cheese. Plus coffee!

11AM Go shopping at Fisico Boutique and La Bikineria (both bathing suit shops) in Porto Cervo.

Views from Ferdi Restaurant in Corsica

12:30PM We rented a boat and visited Corsica for the day. We definitely recommend stopping along the way to swim at different isolated islands.

Wild Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream

2PM For lunch we went to a restaurant called Ferdi in Corsica (A MUST)!!!! Amazing, amazing view, amazing food, and amazing ambiance.

Sunset at Cala di Volpe

4PM Return to hotel, play tennis, waterski, and then relax until dinner.

Lemon Pasta

7PM We usually all get dressed every night and meet around 7PM in the outside restaurant of our hotel for drinks and mini appetizers, such as parmesan cheese and olives. We had dinner at our hotel. Order the spaghetti that they cook in a huge barrel of parmesan.

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