One scroll through this totally wanderlust-inducing travel guide and you'll want to book a glamping (glamorous camping) trip today. Don't look at us—blame Delaney Childs, our current crush, influencer babe and founder of The Styled Seed. Ahead, go behind the scenes of her recent visit for all the under-the-radar places to glamp, shop, and sip in Baja California.

Pit Stop at Puerto Nuevo

"Well, a fellow blogger friend of mine happened to be going to Ensenada and she invited me along. I made my New Years resolution to travel more this year, so I’ve been doing my best to embark on all the adventures that come my way! I stayed in the Ensenada area and also explored the Valle De Guadalupe area, which is the wine country of Mexico so to speak. We actually drove there, it’s about a 1.5 - 2 hour drive from the San Diego area.

It’s very laid back there, and everyone is easy going and friendly. It’s super relaxing and mellow. I was so touched by the overall kindness and warmth of the Mexican people. They were all so welcoming and helpful, this was something that touched me and definitely stuck with me. I will always remember that as a defining factor of my trip."

Beauty Packing List:
I kept it pretty light and simple for this trip as we were glamping and I knew I wouldn’t want to do any heavy makeup looks or spend too much time getting ready. 

    Fashion Packing List:

    I kept it pretty simple for this trip as I knew I would be spending most of my time amongst nature and the simpler things enjoying myself. As for essentials a great little bag is a must, this one is from Mango. Sunnies are also a must, I usually pack a few pairs for variety. The pair pictured is from Le Spec. I also brought along a sun hat - which always comes in handy and is super cute! This one is from Lack of Color. Last but not least I brought a comfy pair of slides from Forever 21 to slip on easily. 

    Booking the Trip

    TripAdvisor is a great place to start to get a general feel for the hotels. Robb Report is also a great resource where we were able to get the scoop on all the best local eats! :) 

    Shopping in Puerto Nuevo

    Where to Stay

    We stayed at Cuatro Cuatros which is an amazing property that includes a winery, a quaint little restaurant, two giant wooden ships that are actually bars, horse back riding, and mountaintop bar that overlooks the ocean! It should be noted that Cuatro Cuatros is a glamping (glam-camping) experience so it is quite outdoorsy. However the cabins/tents are very accommodating and comfortable. Fully equipped with a king bed, a fire place, a porch, and a full bathroom/shower. It’s a great way to get closer to nature but still have an elevated experience! 

    Dressing the Part

    If you’re going to glamp (like me) I’d suggest keeping it easy and casual - but still cute. For example, I packed denim shorts, linen tops, and a lot of slip dresses. I’d also suggest bringing a jacket to have around (being next to the ocean gets cold at night) and a pair of jeans in case you want to cover up a little more. Overall, it’s a very laid back vibe so I wouldn’t pack anything too fancy, just be casual and comfortable.

    Outside Fauna Restaurant at the Bruma Resort in Valle de Guadalupe

    Getting Around

    Having our own car was a luxury, it was deinfitley super easy for us to go where we wanted when we wanted to. Other than that, Uber would be just fine, but if you’re already in SoCal I would suggest driving. 

    Tip for First-Timers

    You should definitely stop at Puerto Nuevo on the way down to get some yummy seafood! Apparently this area prides themselves on their lobster specials! I also suggest getting a nice refreshing Michelada ;)

    Yummy Seafood Spot in Puerto Nuevo

    DAY 1:

    10AM Breakfast at the restaurant on site (or room service straight to your front porch!) at Cuatro Cuatros is perfect. It’s about a 3 minute walk from any of the cabins and the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming - a great way to start your day. I recommend getting the pancakes with fresh fruit - such a treat! 

    Cuatro Cuatros Glamping

    1:30PM On the way to the Ensenada area is a town called Puerto Nuevo. It’s a small ocean front town featuring some great street food. The vibe is a little grittier than the wine tasting scene of Ensenada/Valle De Guadalupe, but it’s a fun experience. You can get great seafood such as their famous lobster plates, and enjoy street vendors goods and candies. 

    Breakfast Bar at Cuatro Cuatros

    3PM Wine tasting is a great way to stay occupied and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Cheers! ;) 

    Our glamping tent at Cuatro Cuatros

    6PM Dinner at Fauna at the resort Bruma is a great choice. The vibe is hip and modern which is a fun twist in the mix of otherwise older classic restaurants in the area. The decor is on point and the food is next level, the dishes were creative and innovative which I love. I suggest the scallops and eggplant! 

    8:30PM Bar Buro at Cuatro Cuatros resort is a great spot to watch the sunset, gaze out at the ocean and the beautiful landscape, and enjoy cocktails and snacks! Overall, we enjoyed a leisure laid back atmosphere during our stay so this was a perfect place to wind down. 

     Winery at Cuatro Cuatros

    DAY 2:

    11AM For breakfast, again we opted for the restaurant room service to enjoy the beautiful scenery from our front porch. And again, I went with the pancakes. Creature of habit over here ;) 

    Fauna Restaurant at Bruma in Valle de Guadalupe

    12PM If you get a chance you should visit the La Bufadora beach, a famous blow hole in Ensenada! 

    Ancient Wooden Ship at Cuatro Cuatros

    2PM Lunch at Finca Altozano is a great option with outdoor seating, a beautiful winery setting, and fun atmosphere. They also offer vegan and gluten free options. Very accommodating! 

    4PM Do a a little street vendor shopping in Puerto Nuevo 

    7PM Casa Magoni Winery is a very peaceful, relaxing place to enjoy some great Mexican wine! I preferred the white wines to the reds. The winery located on the property of Cuatro Cuatros is also a great relaxing vibe with overhead canopies and a down to earth vibe. You sit on cushioned hay barrels, so cute! 

    Laja Restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe

    9PM Laja is one of the top restaurants in the Valle De Guadalupe and it did not disappoint for dinner! The menu changes almost daily so it’s hard to suggest what to get, but I will say that the four-course meal was plenty for me. They also offer an eight-course meal which includes smaller plate sizes and every item on the menu. If the soft shell crab bisque is available I would definitely try that! The vegetables used in the dishes come straight from the garden in the back - so quaint and special! Loved the down home vibe. 

    Bar Bura at Cuatro Cuatros

    10:30PM We just kept it chill and laid back. But the boat bar at Cuatro Cuatros is also a great place to spend the evening and get some cocktails! 

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