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If you thought Rose Hair & Body Oil was the only multi-hyphenate on the OUAI squad, allow us to re-introduce Finishing Crème, a lightweight cream that’s like lotion for your hair. Other than its magical ability to smooth dry ends and leave fine to medium hair looking shiny and lived-in (without ever making it greasy), Finishing Crème does more for your hair’s health than you know. While your senses indulge in the cream’s intoxicating OUAI N°4 floral fragrance (think: notes of Violet, Gardenia, and Ylang Ylang), Finishing Crème works to hydrate, heat protect and color protect—all while silencing flyaways. To get the most out of the lotion for your locks, scroll ahead to discover three ways you didn’t know you could use the fan favorite.


1. Pre-Blowout Balm
A majority of you Finishing Creme fan club members love the lotion-like formula for the shine and light separation it adds after a blowout, but it’s just as beneficial for your mane when applied before blowdrying. Yup, that's right, the lightweight cream can be used as a pre-blowout balm. Apply a few dabs to damp hair before blowing out for added moisture. Just like a makeup primer, but for your mane, this step ensures a super-soft, frizz-free blowout in the end.

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2. Thermal Protectant
We know, we know—air drying our mane contributes to softer strands, but think we’re going to put our heat tools to bed? As if! That’s why we call on Finishing Cream, which thanks to Smart Keratin acts as a thermal protectant before heat styling. Used pre straightening or curling, it rehydrates hair and bonds with the hair cuticle to smooth and repair damage.

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3. Hair Color Protectant

Your hair color is only as good as the hairstyling products you expose it to. A touch of Finishing Cream fights frizz and adds a light reflective shine, but did you know the formula’s Artichoke Leaf Extract adds a sheer protective layer to seal and protect hair color from oxidative degradation from UV rays? Talk about major bonus points! Salon-fresh hair color stays fresh without extra work.

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