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When we introduced Dry Shampoo Foam (DSF, for short) earlier this year, we knew it'd raise some eyebrows. Huh, a foaming dry shampoo that feels wet, looks white, but dries invisible and refreshes like a shower? DSF's promises still sound too flawless to be for real, but here we are a year later making dirty and desperate-for-volume strands happy one white can at a time. So you already love the never-powdery formula for its ability to cut grease, but this fluffy foam's power stretches way beyond refreshing. To see what we mean, keep reading to learn three ways you didn't know how, but totally should, to use DSF.


1. For Extra Body (On Dirty or Clean Hair)
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s DSF. Thick and thin-haired girls alike know that the struggle to add volume is too real. That’s the beauty of DSF—it works on all hair types to lift locks. The sickest part? Your hair doesn’t have to be dirty to use it, the foam does day-three and freshly washed and dried ‘dos the same. Even better, you control the amount of oomph you want. Dispense a ping-pong size ball of foam into palms to start then apply to hair in sections. Massage through until dry and proceed to juuj.

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2. To Perk Up Bangs 
Thinking of bringing bangs back, but not down to deal with a greasy forehead 24/7? Snatch DSF and flaunt fringe full speed ahead. The formula’s star ingredient, Diatomaceous Earth, does away with dirt and product build-up, leaving hair refreshed, and just-showered shiny. Plus, beloved brunette babes never have to worry about a powdery residue because DSF dries invisible. 

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3. To Add Texture and Hold to Updo's
If you’ve ever tried braiding, twisting, or piling your hair into a holiday or date-night updo only for your strands to slide out, you need to get a grip, literally. For added texture that keeps tresses tucked into your style, apply a ping-pong size of DSF to your palms then massage it throughout dry hair before heat styling. Your style will stay put and look plump as the unique DSF formula adds instant body and bounce.

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