In case you missed it, we held a live demo and Q&A of for Dry Texture Foam, our invisible texturizing foam that adds all-over hold, thickness and grit for instant “I’m from Paris” texture. If you're DTF and looking for even more ways to use the foam, look no further than the three hairstyle ideas, ahead.

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1. Plump a Pony

Trying to fake a full ponytail? No can do without a dollop of ditzy pony-inducing DTF. Pop a quarter-size of the foam into your hands then massage from the ends up. Watch as wheat proteins infuse thin, flat strands with thickness and body that's so good people will think you're wearing hair extensions. Press play on the video below for proof.

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2. Add Body to Bangs

If there's one fact the world can agree on, it's that perfect bangs are fluffy, piecey, and textured. Give your fringe the gift of all three with a dab of DTF. Like a weightless pomade, DTF creates that just-left-the-after-party gritty texture (thanks to Bentonite Powder), making it a must-have for both long locks and the season's hottest cropped 'dos.

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3. Jeuje Lifeless Waves

A lot of you have been asking what hair type DTF works on. The answer—which you can find and more in our Guide to Dry Texture Foam for Dummies—is every hair type. Seriously. Massage a quarter-size dollop onto dry hair from the ends to mid-shafts. Texturizing Co-Polymers deliver just the right amount of hold without the tackiness to create a lived-in look that'll get you one step closer to channeling your inner French girl. 

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Want more details on DTF? Read our Guide to Dry Texture Foam