Do you ever notice that when life gets busy, your hot-tools (blow dryers, curling irons and flat-irons) become more of a burden than a blessing? They’re too time-consuming for early mornings, too bulky for midday touch-ups and can cause a ton of unwanted damage which, if you don’t already know, is the #1 culprit for dull, frizzy, lifeless hair. However, skipping hot tools altogether shouldn’t mean hair that looks less than perfect. In our eyes, your hair should look like you travel with a personal glamsquad at all times, even if it only took you 5 minutes.  Have unruly waves and not sure what to do without heat? We got you, boo. Try one of these 3 heatless styles for wavy hair;

Mermaid IRL

Works just as well on second day hair, takes 5 minutes

Gently comb out your hair with a wide-tooth comb while it’s soaking wet to remove tangles and create separation then spray it all over with Wave Spray (skip this step if your hair is dirty). Once the hair completely dry, run a few pumps of hair oil throughout, avoiding your roots.  Slowly scrunch small amounts of Matte Pomade in sections into your hair to build and enhance waves and amp up shine. The key is to work in small sections and use a lot of product! To finish, spray with Medium Hair Spray for max hold.

TIP:Revive this style midday with a quick spritz of leave in conditioner, otherwise hands off!


Loose, Refined Waves.

Great for long hair, best left overnight

Separate your wet hair into four or more sections than, with a small amount of Finishing Creme in your hands, twirl each section into a bun and secure with a pin. Allow to air dry completely then unravel each bun, twisting the hair as you remove the pin to maintain loose waves. Use a soft bristle brush to smooth the waves around the face and the mid lengths. Finish the look by sweeping all hair to the front and spraying Texturizing Hair Spray for added oopmh and flexible hold.

TIP:For bouncier curls that last all night long, mist your brush with Soft Hair Spray and running it through the curls.


The Heatless Blowout

Controls frizz, works on any length

Cover your damp hair with a generous amount Texturizing Hair Spraythen section hair into 5 sections - one from the center part to ear on either side, a mohawk section, and two horizontal sections in the back of your head. Use your fingers to create pin curls with each section and secure.On the front sections, be sure to aim the curls away from the face. Once the entire head has been pinned, mist with Soft Hair Spray and let it air dry. When dry, unclip hair and brush through with a boar bristle brush. Seal ends with a small amount of Finishing Creme.

TIP: For added blowout-like volume, backcomb top sections away from your face or give your roots a lift with our Dry Shampoo.