3 Salon Hair Treatments to Never Style Your Hair Again

When you're hoping your hairstyle lasts until wash day, you don't pile on the products—you simply set it and forget it with Memory Mist, our high octane heat protectant and style extender. When you're craving effortless beach waves, what do you do? Obviously call on Wave Spray. And when glass-like, frizz-free shine is your goal, Hair Oil leaves your locks beaming. Imagine achieving your dream hair on OUAI except without the use of any products or heat tools. None. If you think pigs will be able to fly before that happens, you're mistaken. To help never style your hair again, we rounded up the top three salon hair treatments that promise wonders, like making frizz disappear, transforming coily texture to silky smoothness, and even delivering wash-and-go beach waves that dry like they would if you spent an hour styling your hair—keep reading to see which hair treatment is right for you.

1. Keratin Treatment

Also known as a Brazilian Blowout, a Keratin Treatment is a smoothing hair treatment that prevents frizz via the infusion of Keratin, the same structural protein that makes up our hair, nails, and skin. A Keratin formula is sealed into the hair section by section with a flat iron and high heat. Because the treatment manipulates the outer layer (the cuticle) of the hair, it relaxes relaxes your natural texture and softens any waves or curls, making it a breeze to wash and wear perfectly defined air-dried waves. The process is safe for all previously chemically treated hair, and the results last for 2-4 months depending on your heat usage and color habits. Prices vary from $350-$450 for one Keratin Treatment. 

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2. Beach Wave Perm

The best thing since sliced bread is the Beach Wave Perm, a chemically-gentle process that promises less frizz and instant wash-and-go beachy waves, no styling required. Next to a Keratin Treatment, the Beach Wave Perm is more natural, as it uses a gentle waving lotion, and requires no heat. According to Briana Dunning, Beach Wave Perm pro at STRIIIKE Salon, finer hair textures can expect an effect like salt spray. Coarser textures will experience softening and manageability. As far as colored hair goes, those with single-process color are good candidates. The frizz-free, defined wave effects last 4-6 months and the perm ranges from $450-$500. 

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3. Japanese Straightening

Japanese Straightening, or sometimes referred to as Thermal Reconditioning, is similar to a Keratin Treatment in that it smooths the hair, however the key difference is that Japanese Straightening permanently straightens the hair as a result of penetrating the cuticle and changing the hair's inner bond. Once the hair is straightened post-Japanese Straightening, it won't revert back to pre-existing frizzy, curly, or wavy texture which means shiny, sleek hair sans styling every day of the week. Sounds like silky mane magic. Keep in mind that any new hair growth will grow back in your natural texture. Prices range from $500-$600 for a single Japanese Straightening. 

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